According to estimates there are 15.000 undocumented people in Amsterdam.
In general they are irregular migrant workers, others are rejected asylum seekers,
victims of trafficking, women trafficking and of a failed marriage migration.

In this art project, images and stories by Alip, Coring, Emmanuel, Evelyn, Evelyn, Vivian, [Juliette, Annette] and others… were collected. Images made by all of us, having the right documents yes or no.

It is not us, looking at them, let’s work together to show their lives.
We regularly have exhibitions. In 2009 at the ‘Open Monumenten Dagen’, 2010 during the
GRID photofestival, and in January 2011 at ‘Ontmoetingen aan de Grens’ in de balie.

This project is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, ‘het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst’.
A very important partner in this project is the worldhouse, center for culture and education for undocumented people in Amsterdam.

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You can download the pdf of the issue #01 (8 mb)